How to train dragon

Well, what a neat movie it was :)

Of course, most of impression contains in 3d technologies, and by common human dream — to fly.

But anyway, this movie is worth of time spent on it.

Here is a some art from movie:

Funny fact, after movie, I found that I have a accidental photo taken by my blackberry 3 days before, and this photo was so much whitened, that who of what is there is hardly to say.

But movie full of dragons, developed my imagination, and I definitely see there crouching and a bit scary dragon.

What do you think? :)

P.S. after some time restoring events that day, I understood — this is photo of legs and attache case of someone who stands near me :)

Holmes Hound of Baskervilles

Three years ago, I’ve read about New Zealand coins, dedicated to Sherlock Holmes.

Most intriguing was that Holmes was from soviet movies, which is pretty unknown to most of the world. However, Holmes-actor (Livanov) received The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire!

And I can tell you, that soviet version of Holmes was more than worth of it.

When I see news about these coins, I thought:  «Omg, here is another thing, I’d want to get, if I wouldn’t be an outsider-looser in this world. New zealand is far, coins are expensive, and I’m not rich» .

Well, now I’m happy to posess one of these coins!