Chronicles of Amber, the end?

Yesterday, I finished «Shadows of Amber». This is 4th book in planned 5 books by John Gregory Betancourt. In short emails he said that he not planning to write 5th book. Rather he planning to not write 5th book. I proposed him to make Russian translation of Shadows, and republish it, unfortunately, he denied.
Seems that public reaction for his prequel books was quite disastrous, at least for him personally.
I’m now not sure what I want to do, stick with my reading and forget about it all. Or make unofficial translation of 4th book, as I’m sure there a lot of folks dying to read it.
But as said John in email, #4 is cliffhanger, and there will be no #5. At least by John :)
Maybe someday I’ll find a lot of courage and even try to write it by myself 😀