New programming language — CALI

Today, I’m announcing creating of new programming language, even new paradigm.

This probably are not revolution in programming world, but anyway, I see many reasons to create new language.

`Concepts And Logic Application` — or CALI, is the new-approach, fresh gulp of air in world of monkey-ware and copy-paste-source-code.

Let me explain why it is so.

In high levels languages, like Java there is massive usage of OOP, and this is … good? bad? Well, besides of personal predilections, it is just as is. You can define classes, extend it, make interfaces, inheritance, whatever. But, there is now no concept-reusage, only code-reusage. In low level langauges, there is small bits of logic behind code; which could be inlined, or re-used, but all those methods are loosely coupled.

The main Idea behind CALI is that everything is logic, or concept. Concepts could be viewed as set of described ideas or concepts.

For example in CALI could be defined Concept «Singleton», or «Factory». You can work with those concepts, extend it, modify it, change products, whatever. And this is not about editing some real end-code.

So, probably you get idea, CALI is about how programmer defines tasks and logics in his head, but not really how they render to code. Concept could be more than one Class, for example some concept will include a set of Classes with special characteristics.

First stage of this language is to get 0.1 Version, which will include Concept-editor, and one back-end renderer (this will be Java).

How is this different from meta-programming? That simple one, even in meta programming languages highest unit of language is only one Class, but not set of them.

The development will go at GitHub, source code will be published at version 0.1 stage.